About Journal


1. History

Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health gained permission from the Department of Science and Technology of China and Press and Publication Department to publish scientific academic papers domestically and internationally in the field of neurology, psychiatry, and mental health with the issue number in China as 23-1479/R and the ISSN as 1009-6574 in 2000. It was officially established in 2001. Ever since the establishment, we have closely worked with the experts, focused on the improvement of the journal quality, aimed at creating famous brand, and put great effort in standardize and regulate the journal, and have made some achievements. We have set up a a high-level editorial board and reviewer team, including overseas editorial boards; planned and held many editorial boards and domestic and international academic meetings; hired overseas English editors; in 2002, the monthly journal changed to a bimonthly journal from 64 pages to 82 pages so as to solve the problem of long period of waiting for publication for the authors. In 2004, the journal (extended edition) was included by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China and in 2006, it became the core source journal for Chinese scientific and technical papers and citations. Now the journal has already become the companion of the health professionals and relevant social workers in the fields of neurology, psychiatry and mental health. In 2005, we were nominated for the award of Excellent Works by the Propaganda Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and Heilongjiang Press and Publishing Bureau.


2. Principles

Based on the principles of keeping strict and realistic, pioneering, reader-oriented, and academic-guided management, our journal has the readers from the neurology and psychiatry scientific researchers, doctors and health workers, and adhere to the principle of combining popularization with improvement. Our aim is to promote academic exchanges at home and abroad, guide scientific research and clinical diagnosis and treatment.  


3. Content

Our articles covers the basic and leading scientific research achievements and clinical experience of related disciplines. The main columns include expert forums (reviews), monographs, English original works, academic exchanges, short reports, reviews, summaries of conferences, academic developments at home and abroad, etc.


4. Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health is now indexed by Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (Core Scientific Journal of China), Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Chinese Academic Journals(Source Journal), China Journal Full Text Database (Source Journal), Wanfang Data Chinese Core Periodicals (Selection) Database, and Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals Database (Full Text Edition).


5. Aim and Scope

Strengthen personnel training. The improvement of the editors’ skills is the key to ensure the quality of periodicals. We need to train core editors with high academic qualifications, engage in scientific research, teach graduate students, participate in overall planning, and cultivate industry sensitivity, management ability and teamwork spirit. 

Develop towards internationalization. Learn from the experience of international excellent journals, and run our journal according to the index evaluation system. More overseas editors and authors will be recruited.  Focus on the authors and talents of fund projects and create special columns.

Enhance the team building of experts and authors. A new editorial committee and a team of reviewers will be set up, and actively utilize the experts ideas, ideology  and scientific research achievements. Work with experts and authors to plan the contents and columns of the journal. Brand construction and management. Enhance brand building, carry out academic activities, and establish talent and academic database. Popularize our brand, and establish positive image of our journal.

Under the background of internalization of journals, we will update our mindset and modals of publication, and strive to make the periodical better and better.