Ba Denians Dedication

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—Congratulations on the inauguration of Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health


At the dawn of the new century, Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health is officially launched. This is not only the need for the development of neuropsychiatry and mental health work in China, but also the joy of the workers in the field of neuropsychiatry and mental health. Her birth will play an active role in promoting scientific research and academic exchanges in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropathy and psychosis, and mental health, as well as improving the skills of professionals in China. To this end, I would like to express my warm congratulations.


With the rapid development of health care in China, people's health condition has been greatly improved, and life expectancy has been significantly prolonged. However, the morbidity, disability and mortality of cerebrovascular diseases seriously endangering human health are still high, and other diseases of the nervous system, such as inflammation, tumors, trauma, are also with high incidence. On the other hand, mental disorders such as various mental disorders and psychological and behavioral problems have become a serious threat to people's physical and mental health. Since the 1980s, the overall prevalence of mental disorders in China has shown a marked upward trend; with the increase of social competition pressure and the acceleration of life rhythm, the incidence of mental disorders will increase, and the impact of mental health problems on people's health will become more and more prominent. Therefore, the professional team of neurology, psychiatry and mental health will be expanded accordingly. The birth of Journal of  Neuroscience and Mental Health will provide a good academic forum and exchange of experience for medical workers and mental health workers.


I believe that with the support of the vast number of professionals working in the field of neurology and psychiatry and the hard work of editors, this journal will surely be able to build a bridge between authors and readers, timely report the frontier information in the field of neurological diseases and mental health, and meet the needs of the development of the times and the broad masses of scientific and technological workers.


I wish the Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health a success, and I wish her the better!


November 22, 2000