Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Notice for 2019 Edition


Journal of Neuroscience and Mental Health is an academic journal in the fields of neurology, psychiatry and mental health (CN23-1479/R, ISSN1009-6574, monthly). In order to better serve experts, authors and readers in neuroscience, psychiatry and mental health, build an ideal academic exchange platform, and cooperate with the key issue of this journal in 2018, the manuscript invitation notice is hereby issued. It is hoped that medical workers and scholars in relevant disciplines will give us support.


Interpreting this journal

Chinese Journal of Statistical Source of Scientific and Technological Papers 


Content of soliciting contributions

1. Epidemiological investigation of mental disorders; 2. Community psychiatry; 3. Female mental health; 4. Treatment of mental disorders by integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine; 5. Geriatric psychiatry; 6. Sleep disorders; 7. Parkinson's and motor disorders; 8. Neurological rehabilitation; 9. Neurointerventional and endoscopic treatment; 10. Basic research of neurodegenerative diseases; 11. Craniocerebral trauma; 12. Cerebrovascular disease. In addition, the nursing research related to the directions listed above is also the focus of this journal.


Manuscript requirements

See the instructions for authors for details.


Related matters

(1) Please specify the manuscript as the manuscript for solicitation, with the corresponding direction and number of the manuscript for solicitation (e.g. epidemiological survey of mental illness); (2) All manuscripts in accordance with the direction of solicitation enjoy the right of priority review and publication.


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